You don’t need to let missing teeth interrupt your lifestyle! We have an affordable and effective solution…

Missing teeth can introduce a series of problems. It can become increasingly difficult to chew food, especially if you have lost several teeth. Your remaining teeth might be affected and start to move. But it’s not just about physical problems. Missing teeth can also affect your self-esteem.

When the gaps in your teeth affect your physical appearance and your smile, it can take its toll on your confidence too. Missing teeth can also affect your speech, making you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, we have an effective solution for all of these problems!

At Road Dental, we create quality custom dentures that are made to fit your mouth.

Allow our expert team to replace any missing teeth with custom, made to fit dentures. Each set is custom made to fit a specific patient’s mouth.

These custom dentures will enable you to eat, drink, and speak clearly with ease. Your remaining teeth will be prevented from moving. And you will be able to talk, laugh, and smile with confidence again!

Road Dental is open six days a week, and after-hours appointments are also available.

In addition to these measures, we do our utmost to set aside an allocated time slot every day when we can perform emergency treatments. This is to ensure that the dental problem is prevented from worsening, and your discomfort is alleviated as quickly as possible. We want you to experience a full recovery in the shortest possible time frame.

Our custom dentures ensure an extremely comfortable fit at all times.

When investing in dentures, it is important to consult a professional team with relevant experience. At Road Dental, we know how to create custom dentures that fit your mouth perfectly. There is no ‘one size fits all’ option when it comes to our dentures.

Dentures are an efficient and cost-effective solution for missing teeth that ‘blend in’ with your remaining teeth.

Our dentures can be provided as a partial or full set. Importantly, they will ‘blend in’ perfectly with your remaining teeth. It will not be obvious to others that you are using dentures. We make every effort to ensure your dentures not only provide a practical solution, but look good too.

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