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Tooth extraction entails having a tooth, or teeth, removed. This is a necessary procedure when a tooth can no longer be saved by any other dental treatment. Occasionally, a healthy tooth might need to be extracted for successful orthodontic treatment. This procedure needs to be conducted by a professional team at a reputable clinic.

The very idea of tooth extraction can prove to be very stressful for the patient. Our professional team is here to ease any anxiety you might have.

Please be reassured that our team does everything possible to ease your anxiety and pain. We are very experienced in tooth extraction at our clinic. At Road Dental, having a tooth removed will not be a traumatic experience. You will be in very capable hands.

In order to put your mind at ease, our team will explain the whole process to you, so you will know what to expect at every stage of the process.

We have found that eliminating the ‘unknown’ goes a long way to easing our patients’ fear and anxiety. Our experienced team will talk you through every step of the procedure.

You will therefore know what to expect before, during and after the procedure. In addition, we will ensure you understand what you need to be aware of in the long term. These discussions will allow you to ask any questions or voice any concerns you might have.

Rest assured that we will carefully administer appropriate anaesthetics to effectively minimise pain and discomfort.

Understandably, many patients expect tooth extraction to be an extremely painful process. That is undoubtedly the reason underlying most people’s fear. Fortunately, tooth extraction at a professional clinic is not the painful experience people imagine it to be.

Our modern dentistry practice utilises effective anaesthetics and state of the art equipment so that we can carry out all procedures as efficiently as possible. We truly to our utmost to minimise discomfort for our patients.

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