Given the common concern that dental work is an expensive luxury, it may seem like visits to your dentist should be limited to preventative care rather than cosmetic procedures. However, it may surprise you to know that getting your teeth whitened at your local dentist can actually be more cost effective in the long term than other methods.

This is partly because the types of tooth whitening products you buy over the counter can incur a lot of trial and error. You may buy a product and find its application too inconvenient before moving on to another, or lose faith in the product and end up buying something else later down the track.

However, even if you find a product that works, applying it without professional guidance can sometimes result in damage to the teeth and gums, necessitating expensive treatment over time!

How Road Dental can help

At Road Dental on Logan Rd in Greenslopes, the understanding and experienced staff recognise that tooth discolouration is not just a vain concern. Our teeth are on display in all kinds of settings, so naturally discoloured or stained teeth can sap our confidence when it comes to both our professional lives and social lives.

For tooth whitening that guarantees results while protecting your dental health (without dealing with the mess and frustration of DIY products), Road Dental is here to help.

Teeth whitening with comfort and convenience

The stylish, modern clinic at Road Dental is designed to ensure maximum comfort from the moment you arrive. So, if you tend to avoid the dentist out of fear, you can trust that with state-of-the-art equipment and highly-experienced professionals, your care is in good hands.

For relaxed, affordable teeth whitening in your area, all you need to do is organise a consultation with Road Dental on (07) 3397 3999, or book online. Have your teeth assessed in comfort, and learn the best options to brighten your smile at your convenience!