Infections or injuries that affect our teeth can be some of the most excruciating things we experience. Sometimes pain in the mouth can build up over a period of time, to the point where it becomes unbearable, while other times an injury can cause instant, debilitating pain.

But whatever the case may be, if you believe you’re experiencing a dental emergency in the Logan area, Road Dental are here to help on (07) 3397 3999.

With time set aside every day for just such occurrences, Road Dental on Logan Rd in Greenslopes is more than equipped to diagnose and treat a range of emergency dental issues as quickly and affordably as possible.

What is a dental emergency?

Often, due to the nature of our mouths’ sensitivity, it will be quite obvious when we are in a state of dental emergency. However, many of us are determined to grin and bear a certain level of pain when we’re concerned about costs, or when we have a common, understandable fear of the dentist’s chair.

However, issues like severe tooth aches, chipped or broken teeth, and sports injuries can affect our long-term health, so treatment should not be delayed. To diagnose pain, stop bleeding, and even save teeth, Road Dental will prioritise patients who need urgent care. So, if you’re worried about yourself or a loved one, there’s no need to hesitate.

Why trust Road Dental with your emergency care

The Road Dental clinic have been dedicated to soothing anxious patients and providing preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental care for over ten years. With this level of experience, you can trust that your emergency situation is in competent hands.

From the moment you arrive, the caring and understanding staff will ensure that you are made as comfortable as possible, providing nitrous oxide, or ‘happy gas’ if need be, to make sure your visit is as pain-free as possible. So, for urgent guidance, simply call (07) 3397 3999 ASAP.