From general check-ups and cleans to emergency root canals, there are many different reasons for seeking a dentist in your area. This is why it’s so convenient to have dentists nearby who specialise in a broad range of services.

At Road Dental on Logan Rd, Greenslopes, any dental problem you might need can be taken care of in one comfortable, modern clinic, with the help of understanding professionals. This way, you will become accustomed to a high level of comprehensive dental care, and know that whatever treatment plan you may need in the future, you have a familiar and competent clinic to return to.

Services available at Road Dental

Although it’s important for your long-term health to have regular professional cleans every six months or so, you won’t get any lectures from the staff at Road Dental if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while. The experienced staff here recognise that life can sometimes get in the way, or anxiety can be a huge deterrent. So, if you’d like to start a more consistent dental health schedule, you can do this with Road Dental, judgement free.

However, if you have a more specific issue that needs attention, appointments can be made for restorative and cosmetic procedures too. Teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, occlusal splints, mouthguards, root canals, dentures, fillings, children’s services, comprehensive exam and tooth extractions are all within the range of Road Dental’s expertise.

There are also emergency appointments available each day in the case of extreme pain or injuries.

Dentists you can trust in Logan

Whatever your reason for seeking dentists in your area, the staff at Road Dental provide more than just competent dental work. After more than a decade of providing dental care to adults and children, the experts at Road Dental know exactly how to soothe anxious patients with a comfortable, respectful experience.

To book dental appointments that are as pain-free and efficient as possible, while learning lots of helpful tips to have early detection and prolong your oral teeth and gums health, just call (07) 3397 3999 or book online.