If you live near the Greenslopes area in Brisbane and are on the lookout for a new dentist or orthodontist in brisbane, there’s no reason to delay. Whether you’re anxious about getting dental work done, or just don’t have the time and money, not being able to find an affordable, quality dentist is one reason for many people to put off seeking oral care.

However, if you take this approach, it’s important to know that underlying dental issues could get worse over time, and in some cases they may even develop into gum disease or tooth decay. But, with the investment of a routine examination and clean every 6 months or so, you can catch these things early.

How Road Dental can help

With over 10 years in the industry and a range of payment plans to suit every budget, Road Dental is the perfect solution for all your concerns. Our highly-experienced team welcomes new patients no matter what their circumstances, so you don’t have to worry about being lectured! We are friendly and understanding, with the aim of educating you about your oral health so you can learn how to prevent issues in the future.

The clinic is clean and modern, with state-of-the-art technology. We also recognize that phobias around dentistry are no joke, and will talk you through every stage of your visit, as well as having nitrous oxide (or happy gas) on hand if necessary.

What services are available

We cover many different services and operations, including general dentistry, endodontic treatment, teeth extracted, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontic treatments, root canal treatment, children’s dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. Many patients will only need 6 month check-ups including cleaning, but if these examinations lead to preventative or restorative work such as root canals, fillings, or dentures, we will be able to discuss your best options and give you the best possible outcomes. Our customers leave us with beautiful smiles.

For parents concerned about the costs of children’s dental care, we offer a special bulk billing schedule, and there is also time available every day for emergency cases. So, for a new dentist you can trust, contact us on (07) 3397 3999.